Our Coaches

Learn To Swim- Paula McGowan

I started teaching 3 years ago after watching Gary inspire, encourage,
and make a difference to my own two boys swimming, after they lost their love of swimming at a previous Swim School.

I thought it would be wonderful to try to do the same with children who
are just starting out in the pool.  I acquired my Swim Teacher
qualifications through Austswim, applied for a blue card and every year
update my CPR and First Aid.

I don’t miss the Corporate world that I used to work in, as I truly love the process of being with children who put all their trust in me on their very first lesson.  I enjoy watching them develop their swimming skills through all the level’s of learn to swim, before moving up to Squads to train with Coach Gary!

Learn to Swim- Chantel Foster

I am the newest coach to join the team at Zillmere and I am so thrilled to be part of such a dynamic team!  I have been coaching learn to swim for 15 years! I grew up swimming- I was coached by Wayne Thrupp as a child and I then started coaching with him from the age of 18. He taught me almost everything I know as a Coach.

I was never the fastest swimmer.  I used to come up with all the excuses in the book to stop down the deep or shallow end- breaking my goggles so I could re fix them, untwisting my tog straps, getting a drink of water, going to the bathroom- any excuse there was I used it! Until I hit about 14 when I decided I loved swimming and finally trained properly. I started getting better and finally made met north level by year 11. So I believe that even if you aren’t the fastest swimmer now there is always going to be your time to shine! You have to think, when you cook popcorn you put them all in the same pot, in the same oil and cook at the same heat. They don’t all pop at the same time. One day will be your chance to pop 🙂 I also believe that no matter how many qualifications you have nothing beats raw experience. Coaching for 15 years has taught me much more than any qualifications ever will 🙂

I do however have the following qualifications relating to swimming and child’s safety.

Austswim – teacher of water safety

Austswim – teacher of baby’s and infants

Austswim- teacher of competitive strokes

Cpr – provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Pbtr- child protection

Pbtr- harassment and discrimination

Certificate II in sports and recreation

I also have my

Certificate III In business and

Certificate III In makeup

I would like to thank you all for making me feel so welcome at Zillmere and I look forward to teaching all the children to help them better their skills.