Warm-up Rules

The health and safety of all club participants is our No.1 priority each and every week at the pool.

To support this value the Electric Eels Club Committee have agreed to implement the following club night ‘warm up rules’ to apply to all swimmers commencing this Friday night 2 February.

The pool will be split up into lanes of swimmers abilities (three groups):

·        Lane 1 (12.5m swimmers only) – NO DIVING
·        Lanes 2-5 (25 meter and over event swimmers only ‘Lap Swimming’) – NO DIVING
·        Lane 6 (‘Dive & Sprint’ single lap walk backs) – DIVING FROM STARTING BLOCK ONLY PERMITTED

There’s no diving except from the lane 6 block.  The idea is kids line up behind the lane 6 block and wait for the water to clear between the block and the flags before diving in. Lanes 1-5 must enter and exit by sliding over the pool ends in these lanes. Lane 1 can enter and exit via sliding over the pool side or ends. The idea is for kids to choose a lane and remain there to avoid the dangers that arise when kids ‘cross over’ lanes (particularly near the blocks).

In short, if we can encourage slowing down the crazy ‘play’ that happens and help our swimmers get used to doing some warm-up ‘laps’ (ie. lengthways [up and down] the pool rather than short ways [across] pool lane ropes) it should make for a safer warm-up. We also want to encourage ‘hands-off’ play in the water. I have had some committee members witness swimmers pulling and holding underwater. This behaviour will not be tolerated at our club. Most importantly it’s about water safety. Could I ask all parents to keep an eye on your children whilst warm up is underway and assist in the implementation of this new initiative.

Please see attached two documents that I request all members take the time to read over before Friday night. The Committee will be introducing signs to be placed on the blocks regarding diving and larger copies of the pool diagram to put up where all members can see on Friday nights.

If any member has any questions in relation to these rules please send me an email president@electriceels.org.au or come and see me on Friday night. 

Eels_Club Night Warm Up_Swim Rules

Eels_Club Night Warm Up_Swim Rules_POOL DIAGRAM