Joining Electric Eels

Before you make the commitment to join, why not come  and try out the Electric Eels?

Membership Options

Electric Eels offers two membership options;

  1. Recreation Swimmer- This includes the Club Levy & Membership and allows a swimmer to only swim at club nights and friendly meets that the club is invited to.  To join as a recreational swimmer, fill in the club membership form and make payment here.
  2. Competitive Swimmer-This includes the Club Levy & Membership plus it includes the Brisbane Swimming Association (BSA)/Queensland Swimming Association (QSA) Registration Fee and allows a swimmer to swim club nights, friendly meets the club is invited to and BSA/QSA meets. To join as a competitive swimmer, sign up and make payment at Swim Central

Need more Information?

For all other queries relating to joining the club please email info@electric and we’ll get back to you.