Club Nights

Club Nights

These are held every Friday night during Term 4 and Term 1.  Warm-up starts at 5.30pm and racing starts at 6.00pm. All children who are members of the club are entitled to swim.

SWIMMERS NEED NOT BE EXPERTS. Distances start at 12.5 metres, a regular program is followed, which includes all four recognised strokes in the 25m distance and, the 50m distance and occasionally the 100m distance. We also run an individual medley in the 4 x 25m distance and the 4 x 50m distance.

An automatic nomination system is in place, so swimmers only need to notify the race secretary when they change their swimming events. There are no “races” on a club night; they swim against their own best time, i.e. Sam’s best time for 25m freestyle is 25.6, and he tries to better this time in successive swims. SELF IMPROVEMENT. The objective is consistent and continuous improvement throughout the season. Qualifying times are set as goals for the children to reach before they progress to the longer distances.

Once a personal best (PB) time is recorded in each recognised stroke for each distance your improvement is measured in points by comparison with your PB time. The points system rewards consistency and continuous improvement.

The committee reserves the right to change any or all of the sequence of events if they feel it is in the club’s best interest. Occasionally, longer distance events may be added to the program to suit demand, and likewise, events may be removed.

The scheduled time is indicative only – it largely depends on the number of swimmers and their number of nominations.

Please see the Club HANDBOOK for more information.