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Event Eligibility, Qualifying times and Points system

Hi All,

This season there have been some changes to the qualifying times and also the eligibility criteria for each event. All of this information can be found in the club handbook. The handbook is designed to be the first place for you to find all the information you will need for this season, including the club night and friendly calendar, current club records, Club championship information and committee contact information.

Event Eligibility

In general, swimmers at their first club night meet are required to swim each stroke at the either the 12.5 metre or 25 metre distance until they either:

  • swim the designated distance under the qualifying time (see the table below); OR
  • are assessed by the Head Coach as being proficient enough in that stroke to graduate to the next level.

In some circumstances, swimmers who are transferring from another club are able to swim in either a 25 metre or 50 metre event in strokes on their first club night meet if they are able to provide times from other competition meets.

To graduate from 25m to 50m swimmers must either:

  • swim the 25m under the qualifying time (see table below) OR
  • request to be graduated to 50 metres based on the expectations of their school at school swimming championships meet/carnival.  For example, a swimmer 10 year of age who is considered to be proficient in Freestyle but has been unable to swim 25 metres under 24.00 seconds (eg. A PB of 25.50 seconds) may request to be graduated to 50 metres based on his/her being required to swim 50m in friendly meets and/or school swimming carnivals.  The request will be referred to the Head Coach who will assess their capability and make a recommendation to the Management Committee.

To graduate from 50 metre to 100 metre events swimmers must achieve the qualifying time.

Swimmers who have graduated to a longer distance (from 25 metres to 50 metres or from 50 metres to 100 metres) may revert swimming the shorter distance.  However, if they choose to swim the shorter distance they will only be eligible for 1 point regardless of the time achieved.

Swimmers must qualify for 25 metres in all four strokes before becoming eligible to swim in the 100 metre Individual Medley.  Promotion to the 200 Individual Medley is based on swimming under the qualifying time for the 100 metre Individual Medley.

Qualifying times for individual strokes:


Qualifying times for Medley:

100m Medley (4 x 25m)Qualified for 25m in all strokes
200m Medley (4 x 50m)1:40.00

Points Scoring

Points are awarded to each swimmer on the following basis:

1pt – more than 2.5sec SLOWER than PB

2pts – 1.51-2.50 sec SLOWER than PB

3pts – 1.50 – 0.51 sec SLOWER than PB

4pts – 0.5 sec SLOWER to 0.5 sec FASTER than PB (also for first swim at new distance)

5pts – more than 0.51 sec FASTER than PB

These points are accumulated over the season and each swimmer is awarded a points trophy at the 2022 Trophy and Breakup Day.

Tomorrow I will email out the final program as well as a run down of what the first night will look like.

Please remember to let me know via return email if your family will be unable to make tomorrow night.





Good Morning Everyone,

I have had a couple of queries from people regarding their children’s Swim Central membership showing as expired. Please do not be concerned. Unless your child is going to be a competitive swimmer, meaning they will be attending outside prep/transition meets, their membership will no longer be on Swim Central. This has allowed us to reduce the price of recreational memberships this season.

This also means that the method of nominations will be changing this season. We will be using an auto-nomination process which will mean that all members will automatically be nominated for all events for which they are eligible.

Further information of this process will be emailed over the weekend with the first draft program sent out by Tuesday night. Therefore if you have not competed this season’s membership form (attached above) and wish to swim on the first night please complete and send a copy/photo of the completed form to info@electriceels.org.au.