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20th October 2020

Hi All,

Nominations are now open in Swim Central for the first friendly of the season. Please find attached a flyer of the meet. Nominations must close at Midnight Saturday 24th October so as we can get the entries to Lawnton in time.

Please note that Lawnton does charge a $5 fee per event. This is payable via Swim Central upon entry.

We look forward to having a strong team to continue our winning streak of last season.   


Tamika, Brooke & Mel.

Lawnton Friendly meet flyer 2020

18th October 2020

Hi Eels Families,

What a fabulous start to the season.  Thanks for your understanding of 
running a shortened programme so we could get the trophies out to our
deserving winners.
I think last week that when Matt was letting you know of what we have
been doing in the lead up to our first night some families could not

  We wanted to ensure that all members were aware of the exciting
improvements we have been working on.

1.  We have a fabulous new kitchen area, gone are the old chipboard
cupboards and in are sparkling new steel benches.  We will be doing
further work in here to the front of the canteen in the coming months.
2.   We have been working with the school over the winter and I am sure
you all  have noticed the grandstand improvements, they have also fixed
the lighting in the undercover area and the pool pumps and heating
3.  You may have noticed our new Eels signs on the poolside? We have a
sponsorship manager Natasha who is working on sponsors, you can see our
first 2 sponsors signs already beside the new Eels sign. If you or
anyone you  know may want to sponsor the club please reply here or speak
to one of the committee on Friday.
4.  We have purchased new computers and updated all the software and
timing equipment so we have seen pretty smooth running races as we have
dealt with the IT problems from the computers last season.
5.  Paula has sourced our Eels shirts, hats, drink bottles and togs so
if you would like to order anything you can order at the canteen on
Fridays or go into Teamapp for the links  online.  If you  represent
Eels at carnivals it would be fabulous to see our kids all in the club

This coming Friday we will be back to normal full programme of races. We
are also pleased to let you know that under our COVID regulations we can
now allow a second parent and siblings into our club nights!

PLEASE Remember to always check in via the QR code on arrival,  this is
really important.

Please remember to sign on to TeamApp where we have the volunteer
rosters, if you have previously had access on TeamApp you still need to
go in and request “All Members’ in order to get the club night news.

Thanks everyone, Great start to the season!

On behalf of the electric Eels Committe

16th October 2020

Good Evening everyone,

As you may have heard tonight we are timing the 12.5m swimmers however Gary is also still assessing who is eligible to move up to 25m based on their technique.

A big congratulations to the following swimmers who are now eligible to swim 25m!


O’Sullivan, Marie

Robinson, Charlotte

Mowat, Rosie

Steinback, Mabel

O’Donnell, Elizabeth

Clarke, Lucas

Garner, Evie


Clarke,  Alfie

Steel, Remy

Valente, Lucas

Petterson, Alexander

O’Donnell, Elizabeth

Hutchison, William

Mcnally, Arlia

For future Club Nights guardians have the option to nominate the above swimmers in Swim Central for the 12.5 m or 25 m event in the stroke that the swimmer has graduated.


Tamika, Mel & Brooke

15th October 2020

Club Swimmers


 Electric Eels Swimming Club | News | by Paula mcgowan

Hi everyone! 
I found our new Girls club swimmers on sale at Pacific fair for $35!!! Sizes 6,8,10,12 & 14.
I have also found some of our new Boys club swimmers.
Let me know if you want a pair & I can order them! Send me an email – bookings@electriceels.org.au – subject tog order

12th October 2020

Good morning all,
It was great to see so many swimmers back in the pool Friday evening for our first Club Night of the season.
Based on swimming technique Gary & Paula identified swimmers in each stroke that are ready to progress up from 12.5 m to 25 m events.
A big congratulations to the following swimmers!
Brennan Campbell
Jack Palmer
Georgie Stiller
Harriet Boucher
Brennan Campbell
Jack Palmer
Georgie Stiller
Harriet Boucher
Elizabeth O’Donnell
Darcy Bloom
Anthony Sandow
For future Club Nights guardians have the option to nominate the above swimmers in Swim Central for the 12.5 m or 25 m event in the stroke that the swimmer has graduated.
If you have already nominated this week for 12.5 m and want to change to the 25 m event please let us know and we will adjust their entries accordingly.
Tamika, Brooke & Mel

11th October 2020

Hi Everyone

Thank you to the wonderful volunteers who helped our first club night run smoothly.

I have now set up all Club Night Events until the end of 2020 with a Duty Roster in the TEAM app. And this week’s (16th October) duties have now been assigned. Please ensure you have downloaded the app and a requested ‘All Members’ access for Electric Eels then click on ‘Events’ and assign yourself to a duty. You are able to remove yourself if you become unavailable, and others can then take that vacant spot.

It would be greatly appreciated if each family could help out on at least 2 occasions before the end of 2020.

Kind regards


Membership Coordinator

11th October 2020

Hi all,

For those that are interested in competitive swimming, there is an upcoming competitive preparation meet.

Sunday, 25 October 2020

  • Rackley Swim Team (Centenary)

Nominations can be made on Swim Central.

Nominations close 13 October 2020.


  • Mel & Tamika

4th October 2020

Exciting Filming Opportunity and Change to Squad times – Monday 5th October 2020 only

Hello Families,

I hope you all have had a happy and healthy Spring Holiday and ready to
take on Term 4 with excitement and energy!

Just a reminder we are starting our Term 4 lesson’s Squad and Learn to
Swim Lesson’s tomorrow – Monday 5th October.  If you haven’t emailed me
your preferences its not to late!

We have had been given an amazing opportunity by a film production
company called “Little Dog Productions Brisbane”  to film our Learn to
Swim and Squad program so they can create a promotional video for us. 
This video will be used at Gary’s discretion to promote us and he will
notify everyone when it will be released and on what platform.  Greg and
Rose Directors (and also parents whose child swim’s with us) of the film
production will also have requested to keep the film/video for their

We have already started filming selected students on Saturday (who have
done a AMAZING job!) and will continue filming on Monday morning and
also early Monday afternoon at the Zillmere Pool.  Greg and Rose will
continue to be at the pool Monday afternoon when our squad program
starts and may continue to capture our FUN swimming afternoons.

If you are attending this Monday swimming lesson and do not wish your
child to be in the video/film please contact me.

I have attached a photography usage agreement for those who are
comfortable with their child being filmed.  If you could please fill out
the form and email it back to me or I will have a box at the entry for
you to place it in.

Just for tomorrow Monday 5th, Gary is asking if you have nominated to
come on Monday’s could you please come to the below squads schedule?:

Advance Transition Squad – 3:30pm – 4:00pm
Novice Development Squad – 3:30pm – 4:15pm
Junior Fitness Squad – 4:15pm – 5:15pm
Premier Competition Squad – 4:15pm – 6:30pm

Thank you very much everyone, we greatly appreciate your assistance and

Kindest Regards

WSS_Eels Photography Usage Agreement


4th October 2020

Friday Night Club Nights are back!

Time to get excited!!  Only 5 more sleeps….

3rd October 2020

Volunteers Required- Club Night #1

Hi Eels Members

This is a call for volunteers to assist in our first club night of the season – Friday 9 October! 

Please download the ‘Team App‘ and request to join ‘Electric Eels Swimming Club’. From here you can sign on to our duty roster for Club Night #1. 

We require the following for Club Night #1:

6 timekeepers

2 marshals

1 referee

3 BBQ helpers – set-up from 5.30pm

From Club Night #2 onwards, I will assign families to duties for the rest of the season. Please let me know if there are any dates or duties where you are unable to assist.

Kind regards


Membership Coordinator

2nd October 2020

First Club Night and Important Changes

To all Eels Members,

It is time to log in to swim central, go to the events calender, and
nominate for next weeks races – please remember to only nominate for one
distance in each stroke.    Nominations close Wednesday 7th at 12 midday –
if you have not nominated you will not receive a time for your swim.

Please also take the time to READ THE ATTACHED HELLO DOCUMENT regarding
our first club night as there are some changes.

Looking forward to getting started!


Hello email season 20-21 (1)

27th September 2020

Term 4 Swimming Schedule and Fees

Hello Everyone!

We hope that you have had a wonderful first week of the holidays!  Thank
you to all the kids who have attended our Spring Vacation Swim Program,
we hope you all enjoyed it!

Just a reminder that we are also teaching Learn to Swim and coaching
squads next week too!  If you are thinking about booking in, it’s not to
late!  Just email me your child’s preferred day/days.  I have attached
the Spring Vacation for you to view.

We start our Term 4 Swim Program on Monday 5th of October.  I have
attached our Club and Non Club swim fee’s and scheduling for you also to

If the kids are keen to join us and you already haven’t emailed me
through your swim preferences just pop me an email to tell me the days
they wish to swim on.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate
to contact me.

Sunshine Regards

EESC 2020 Term 4 Fees and Scheduling -Club Members

EESC 2020 Term 4 Fees and Scheduling-NON Club Members

26th September 2020

Club Captain Nominations

Dear Members

I would like to call on nominations for Electric Eels Swim Club Captains & Junior Captains for this season.

The positions will represent the club as follows:

Boy & Girl – Senior Club Captains (12yrs and over)

Boy & Girl – Junior Club Captains (10 – 11yrs)

These are positions of importance at the Club and Captains will be required to assist in a range of ways, including:

  • Provide support and encouragement to all swimmers
  • Undertake representative duties as requested e.g. assisting with marshalling, set up/pack down of Club night etc
  • Promote the Club in a positive manner
  • Support Club fundraising activities
  • Provide leadership for a group of swimmers who form a leadership team to represent the interest of all swimmers to the Club President and the Management Committee

Captains will be appointed to the position based on the following:

  1. Ability to liaise with and take directions from club committee members, club volunteers and coaching staff.
  2. Commitment to be involved in and attend the majority of club nights.7
  3. Regular attendance at Club meets.
  4. Demonstrate excellent leadership skills, the ability to develop a rapport with swimmers and to lead by example.
  5. Ability to communicate with other swimmers, encourage good conduct and sportsmanship and to acknowledge all swimming achievements.

If your child is interested and able to fulfil the responsibilities of these positions, nominations can be made at- https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Z3NN9QJ

Nominations close Sunday 4th October 2020 at 5pm.

The Eels Management Committee & Coach Gary will review & select from the nominations to fill the 4 positions.

We will be announcing our new Electric Eels Captains at our first club night on 9th October 2020.


Matt Burgess, President 


Electric Eels Committee. 

17th September 2020

Membership and Payment due on Swim Central

Hi Eels families

We are back for Club Nights in a matter of weeks! Our first Club Night is Friday 9 October 2020. Remember to complete your membership and payment online via Swim Central.

Please follow these steps.

  • Access Swim Central at https://swimcentral.swimming.org.au/
  • Click on Sign In
  • Enter your email as your Swim ID, followed by your password – you can reset the password if you have forgotten
  • Add a 2020/2021 membership for your swimmer/s. Please refer to the attached instructions.

If you are having any trouble, please email info@electriceels.org.au or contact Swimming Queensland directly on 3390 2011 (during business hours).

Kind regards


9th September 2020

Electric Eels Open Day 2020

Hello Electric Eels families

We are gearing up for another great season in the pool. This email is reminding you that our Open Day is taking place this Saturday from 10am to 12pm.

Paula has planned a wonderful morning full of activities (see below). We also have a COVID-safe plan in place, and remind all of our members and visitors to scan the QR-code and register upon arrival.

As you are aware, we were unable to go ahead with our 2019/2020 trophy presentation event. Most swimmers will be able to collect their points trophies from the pool this Saturday 10am-12pm. Please note, we will be presenting 2019/2020 age champions and perpetual trophy winners at our first club night on Friday 9th October 2020.

Please visit me in the Timing Shed for membership information, any questions regarding trophies, or the return to Club Nights.

Kind regards



9th September 2020

2019/2020 Season Points Trophy Collection