The Electric Eels Super Swimathon

Saturday 24 November 2018

Entry Fee: $10 kids / $15 adults

The Electric Eels Super Swimathon is about participation, fun and community spirit! There will be a competitive element but that’s not the main focus. 


  • Get a team of 6 together, think of a team name, nominate a Team Captain and sign up! (If you don’t have a team, just send your details through and I will put you in a team).
  • See me (Chrissie) to sign up on Club Night and pay your entry fee. Entries will close Friday 9 November (Week 5 Club Night) or
  • Email at fundraising.manager@electriceels.org.au with your team members, ages of swimmers, team name and team captain (an adult that can receive emails in the lead up to the event).


  • Your team will swim relay-style for 40 minutes.
  • The aim is to swim as many laps in that time.


  • Participants must be able to swim at least 25 metres.
  • To encourage participation, our youngest/ weakest swimmers will be the first swimmer in their team. They are only expected to swim at least 1 lap (25 metres). They will be called the Starter.
  • An adult/ older swimmer in the team must swim beside the Starter during their swim.
  • Swimmers have the option of using a kickboard.
  • It is expected that swimmers in a team will swim roughly the same amount of laps as each member of the team (except for the Starter and in the situation below).
  • Safety is paramount. If a swimmer cannot continue their laps, they must sit at the end of the lane and rest until they can resume. The remaining team members can swim extra laps so adequate rest period is afforded to that swimmer.
  • Judges will be positioned at the end of each lane and will keep a tally of laps completed.


  • Team with most number of laps
  • Spirit of the Eels Participation Award

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